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What are the common Ten problems and solutions when using smart locks?

What are the common Ten problems and solutions when using smart locks?

Smart locks are being loved by more and more users for their safety, intelligence, convenience, and aesthetics. Approaching the Spring Festival, it is the peak season to change smart locks. In order to solve some common problems that users may encounter when using smart locks, I have specially compiled 10 coping solutions, so that in emergency situations, we can also troubleshoot by ourselves and restore the normal use of smart locks.

Question 1: After the smart lock is installed, it is found that the handle is tight, the door opening feels bad, or the door opening with the key does not feel good.

Solution1: In this case, it must be that the front panel is not installed on a horizontal surface, which causes the inner square axis to be skewed. Adjust the height of the front and rear panels, and then keep trying the handle of the door opening feel, and then go up when you feel that the door opening feels better. Tighten the screws. Or the screw is too tight, you have to adjust the tightness of the screw appropriately

Question 2. After the door lock is installed, it is found that the anti-lock knob cannot be turned out or the anti-lock knob is too tight.

Solution2 Check if the direction of the twisting square shaft is not correct. Is the anti-locking square shaft too long? Or the screws are too tight.

Question 3. After the product is installed, it is found that the front handle is normally open, and the inner handle can only be closed but not opened.
Solution: The inner and outer square shafts are reversed, remove them and replace the square shafts.
Question 4. After the product is installed, it is found that both the inner and outer handles are in the normally open state.
Remedy: The battery should be turned on immediately, and when the power is turned on, listen to the sound of whether the motor in the lock body is working. After hearing the working sound of the motor, try to press down the handle again. If the motor is working and the original situation occurs, remove it to check whether the square shaft is used correctly, and whether the square shaft with the inner handle is used. If there is no problem with both, then the lock body is malfunctioning.
Question 5. Sometimes the sliding cover is opened, the touch screen does not wake up, and the light does not turn on.
Remedy: When users are required to open the sliding cover, they must push the sliding cover to the top. There is a trigger switch in the sliding cover. The trigger switch will only be triggered when the sliding cover slides to the top.
Question 6. After using the product for a period of time, I suddenly found that the fingerprint module was not recognized.
Remedy: Generally, the battery voltage is too low, the fingerprint module does not start, and the door cannot be opened by fingerprints. If the problem persists after the battery is replaced, try to restore the factory settings and re-enter the fingerprint at this time. If all the above methods fail, then remove the lock and check the line contact problem. If there is no problem with the line, then the fingerprint module is faulty and must be returned to the factory for repair.
Question 7. When the product is not used for a period of time, when I go home and use it suddenly, I find that the screen does not wake up, the light does not turn on, and it cannot be operated.

Remedy: replace the battery
Question 9. The fingerprint verification is successful but the lock cannot be unlocked.
Remedy: There are two important components in the fingerprint lock: one is the fingerprint module, and the other is the electronic clutch. When the verification is successful, listen carefully for the sound of the motor rotating in the lock. If there is no sound of the motor rotating, the line from the circuit board to the motor may be broken. There is a rotating sound from the motor, it may be that the square rod inside the handle has fallen off. At this time, it is best to contact the sales office for processing. Or the door is skewed, causing too much friction between the bolt and the gusset, and the door cannot be opened
Question 10. Cannot delete fingerprint or change password
Remedy: Confirm whether the current fingerprint is a management user fingerprint. If it is not, you cannot change the fingerprint password. To manage fingerprints or change passwords, please follow the correct steps.

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