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How important is the anti-theft function of smart locks?

How important is the anti-theft function of smart locks?
As more users demand smart fingerprint password locks, anti-prying and alarm functions are becoming more and more important.
The anti-prying function in traditional locks may be generally designed.

And there is almost no alarm function.

But the smart fingerprint password lock is not only focused on the design and development of anti-prying,
The alarm function is also very important,
And it has been greatly improved in this respect.

When the smart fingerprint lock encounters abnormal opening and external violence damage, or the door lock slightly violates the door, it will immediately send a strong alarm to attract the user's attention
Similar reminder functions such as car alarms, safe alarms and so on.The advantage of the alarm function in the smart fingerprint lock is the strong beeping sound.
It can attract the attention of users at home and effectively prevent the illegal behavior of ringing horses.
Regarding users with a more complex living environment, this is a very practical and safe function.
Every smart lock has this function, and many users now pay attention to this function.
Generally speaking, the smart fingerprint password lock far surpasses the traditional door lock for anti-prying and reminding function, and it is also the alarm function.
The two complement each other and combine with smart fingerprint locks to make smart locks more secure.

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